Wills & Estates


Should you die without a Will, your estate will most likely be divided according to a formula set down by Legislation.  This formula may not reflect your wishes and will most likely cause undue hardship, cost and delay for your family.

If a person dies without a Will, they are said to have died “intestate”.  If a person does have a Will but it is not drafted correctly and does not effectively distribute their entire estate, this gives rise to a “Partial Intestacy”.

Consequences of Dying Intestate:-

  • An administrator will be appointed to deal with your estate.  This administrator is usually your next of kin but if there is no next of kin, the Public Trustee will act in this role;
  • Your estate and beneficiaries incur larger costs than normal in administering and distributing your assets;
  • Your estate may be distributed to unintended beneficiaries;
  • There may be expensive, lengthy and acrimonious Court proceedings;
  • A formula set down in legislation will determine how your estate is distributed;
  • The general rule of the legislation is that your spouse is entitled to part of your estate, then your descendants, if you have no spouse or descendants then your next of kin;
  • If you do not have a spouse, children or next of kin, the State Government will inherit your estate.

A properly drafted Will can avoid the above circumstances and significantly assist in reducing the time and cost involved in the administration and distribution of your estate.  It also provides security for your family, and avoids unnecessary stress and delay for your family upon your death.

We can provide you with the necessary assistance in preparing a Will to reflect your wishes in your personal circumstances.

Our fee for the preparation of a standard Will is $220.00 (inclusive of GST).  This fee includes taking your instructions, preparation of the document, attending on you to explain the Will and have your sign it and retaining your original Will in our safe custody.

Please contact our office to discuss our price concessions for Will & Enduring Power of Attorney packages offered to singles and couples.

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